You Wouldn’t Believe It

It is September 2013 and you would not believe my ability to injury myself. I suspect I am a bit clumsy after this latest incident. I was running last Saturday on a glorious sunny last day of winter. I had intended to run 15kms and was really happy with the way I was running especially given I was wearing the sling. I was running along Beach Road on Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay and was heading back to where I had left my car.

The Wound

The Wound

About 3km from the end I was cruising along when whack, I hit my head on a piece of bush hanging over the path. I am not sure I had seen it but hidden amongst the leaves was some branches that had been pruned and left jagged edges.   In shock I reached for my head to be greeted with a lot of blood. It seems heads bleed rather profusely. Luckily I had some tissues in my shorts pocket which  I could hold to me head to stop the bleeding.

I had been listening to music on my iPhone so I could ring home. I was worried about alarming them, but my daughter answered who didn’t know I had been running and when I said I had split my head she assumed I had been riding and was ready to tell me off. She came and picked me up before my wife then took me to casualty.

The Split Head

The Split Head

In casualty I was advised to have some staples put in to hold the wound together. I was told a local anesthetic would be ineffective so the staples proceeded. I have to tell you – it hurt. Luckily I was not warned.

The reaction of friends has been to shake their heads in amazement at my stupidity and to suggest perhaps I should give it away. The reality is they don’t really mean it – or do they??



About Craig Glass

I am a 68 years old. I am Senior Vice-Principal of Haileybury, Australia's largest private school. My passion outside of family and education is triathlon. I have raced over all distances with the highlight being completing the Ironman in 2011. Whilst training for my next Ironman I had an horrific accident which left me with a left brachial plexus injury.
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