Learning to Swim Again Part 1

After the accident I was very worried about how I would be able to swim again. It took me considerable time to even think about going for a swim. In fact it was probably six months before I got into the water and had a play around with the concept of swimming with one arm. I had been very worried about where my paralysed left arm would hang. That was one thing I didn’t need to concern myself with as it just floated next to my body. It wasn’t the anchor I had suspected it might become.

Before the accident I had been a non-kicker in the pool, purely relying in my arms. Now with one arm I knew I had to do something about the kick. Trouble was the reason I hadn’t kicked in the past was that when I did. nothing happened in terms of forward movement. So now I was experimenting with kicking. The freestyle kick was useless so I started trying the breaststroke kick with a freestyle arm action. Surprisingly it felt comfortable even though it looked unusual. Here is s video with a little look at the columns of the Fullarton Hotel in Singapore.


About Craig Glass

I am a 68 years old. I am Senior Vice-Principal of Haileybury, Australia's largest private school. My passion outside of family and education is triathlon. I have raced over all distances with the highlight being completing the Ironman in 2011. Whilst training for my next Ironman I had an horrific accident which left me with a left brachial plexus injury.
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